Requesting Specimen Analysis

If you need assistance with this process, please contact our office staff on 01923 233299, who are more than happy to assist you.

The most immediate steps you may wish to know are included here. More details can be obtained here.

For everybody’s peace of mind, our staff will contact you or your staff in case there is an issue with the completion of the request form or the sample labelling. Where there are discrepancies, such specimens cannot be processed until the correct information is supplied.

Details information on SPECIMEN COLLECTION AND HANDLING of histology, diagnostic cytology and gynaecologic cytology samples, can be found in the e-Leaflets.


All specimens must be accompanied by a fully completed Histology/Cytology request form, which can be accessed here.

The most important information required includes patient’s demographics, a full clinical history, site and type of the sample sent, date and time of collection, signature and additionally who to contact when urgent samples are sent.

Sample Labelling

All samples containers must be labelled with the patient’s demographics, specimen type and site and date and time of collection, written clearly and legibly.

Samples considered to be High Risk must be clearly labelled as such. We can not handle samples that have a known history of Creuzfeld Jacob Disease (CJD).

Packaging Samples

Specific instructions for storage and transport of specimens for Histology and Cytology samples are found in this e-leaflet.

All specimen bags have two pockets; the front pocket for the completed request form and the back pocket for the specimen(s). Once both request form and specimen(s) are in the specimen bag, seal the bag.

While awaiting to be picked up, maintain formalin specimen pots, FNA slides, Thin-Prep vials at room temperature and refrigerate fresh non-gynae cytology specimens (such as fluids and cyst aspirates) over the weekend, unless otherwise noted in the specimen requirements.


When decanting formalin into the specimen container, gloves and safety glasses should be worn and the procedure carried out in a well ventilated room. Formalin is a strong irritant and contact with the skin and eyes must be avoided. Inhalation of fumes can cause damage to the respiratory system.

In the event that spillages of no more than 20-30mls of formalin (i.e. small pot) should occur, use copious volumes of water to rinse it away and mop up any residue.

Courier Pickup

If you are not sure that your collection point is already on our courier schedule, please email us on or call us on 01923 233299. Our staff will attend to it as soon as possible.

Samples can also be posted, and these must be packaged in accordance with Category B UN3373 diagnostic specimens. Details can be found here.  CPS can provide all the packaging to achieve compliance.

Requesting Consumables

All Histology and Cytology specimen collection consumables can be obtained from CPS. Please allow 2-3 days for delivery of consumables.

There is a standard form for requesting consumables, which can be downloaded here.

Once completed the form needs to be faxed to 01923 233296 or emailed to For urgent dispatch of consumables you are welcome to call our office on 01923 233299.


Turnaround Times

Our aim is to speedily issue quality reports to ensure that our clinical colleagues can continue management of their patients in the shortest possible time frame.

Even more rapid same day processing can be arranged for suitable urgent specimens, please contact us on 01923 233 299 or email us on to arrange this.

CPS monitors turnaround time from receipt of samples in the laboratory for all specimen types as one of its KPI. Turnaournd time targets that CPS aspire to achieve are available to clients & users upon request to

Results Service

Our “Can do attitude” means that Pathology Reports can be despatched by automatic email, automatic fax or posted hard copies, in any combination and to more than one email, fax number or location, as requested for the convenience of the doctor’s clinical practice.

Telephone results and ad hoc faxes can be arranged by phoning our administration team on 01923 233299.

The Reports can also be accessed securely via our online portal. See the next section below.

Online Results

Clinical users, their secretaries and hospitals can access their reports online via a secure online access system (PJPPath), provided they have obtained a username and password from us.

Once reported, the results are made instantly available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To gain access to the online results service, please email including your name and your consultant name, and our staff will contact you to arrange this. Please note that there is upto 24-hour lead-time when setting up new users to the system.

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