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We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions to give you more information about CPS and the service that we offer. Just click on one of the sections below to find the answer.

If you have a question that you can’t find an answer to or you would like further information, then please use the contact us page.

Is your Laboratory accredited?

Yes. We maintain and operate our own CQC registered and ISO15189:2012 accreditated laboratory. In addition, our laboratory is registered with UK NEQAS and is approved for training by the IBMS. All of our pathologists participate in the relevant EQA schemes. CPS is registered with the ICO as a holder of confidential data and is GDPR compliant.

You can find out more by downloading the latest CPS Laboratory Guide and additional relevant documentation at the bottom of this page.

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How do we access the results?

Results are made available via a number of ways – all of which are tailored around your requirements and range from an unlimited number of email addresses to an all-encompassing secure client management portal that allows designated staff members to track specimen progress and view results.

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Do you offer a courier service?

Yes. As part of the service, we provide a specialist medical courier collection service. Secure transportation of the tissue back to our laboratory is tracked and recorded in real-time via GPS. All packaging conforms to the UN3373 transport regulation, with all CPS drivers trained to collect and deliver pathology samples in line with company operating procedures, which acknowledge and adhere to all regulatory guidelines.

Our client services team will make regular telephone calls to your clinic or hospital to check on the status of any samples required to be picked up. We are able to collect samples UK wide.

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Do you supply all of the relevant consumables?

Yes. We will provide all of the required consumables. Typically, these include formalin-filled pots of varying size, buckets for larger specimens, FNA slide packs, cytology fixative spray, Thin Prep vials, Cervi-brushes and specimen bags. Some of our larger hospital and NHS clients will prefer to use their own consumables which, of course, is no problem. New consumables can be requested by emailing the client services team or handing over this form to our courier.

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How long does it take to be fully setup with CPS?

We can have your clinic or hospital set up and ready to take advantage of our service instantly. Our account management team are at hand to assist you throughout the entire process, easing the pressure on your team whilst ensuring that there will be no disruption or loss of service to your patients and consultants.

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Is there a contract to sign?

At CPS, we will provide you with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which requires a signature. The SLA sets out the terms of our service along with all of the individual service components and the final agreed fee structure. All items of the service are open for discussion.

A quick breakdown of our service can be viewed here.

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Are there any hidden charges?

No. CPS provides transparent and up-front charges to all of our clients. You can find out more by visiting our private sector and  NHS page for further details.

Every client will be provided with the option of receiving an electronic daily billing manifest. This shows a detailed list of activity and charges, allowing you the opportunity to quality check the cases and if required, discuss with the client services team or one of our consultant pathologists. All cases that we report on will be invoiced monthly to an agreed individual and/or department.


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Do we have to use your own request forms?

This is dependent upon the local policy at your hospital or clinic. Some of our clients will have a preference to use their own request forms. In this instance, we can provide a stamp for staff to use which ensures that the samples reach our laboratory.

In other instances, we have helped to create a completely bespoke request form. However, for the most part, many of our clients will use our own request form which, can be accessed here.

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Can we speak to your Consultant Pathologists?

Yes. Our Consultant Pathologists fully support your patients’ care pathway by participating in person or remotely at MDT’s. They are also available 24×7 for Clinicopathological discussions on their personal mobiles.

In addition, we also operate an out of hours service on 07775 44 66 88. This can be used for all enquiries relating to results, courier pick-ups and urgent consumables.

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What are your office opening times?

At CPS our team is made up of clinical, scientific and operational staff that help to provide a complete managed service. This includes a specialist client services team and a dedicated pathologist making migrating to CPS a seamless, timely and hassle-free process.

Our client services team are available Mon-Fri 9am-6pm to answer questions you may have or, if required, liaise with your secretary. We also operate a 24×7 out-of-hours support service. The relevant contact details can be found here.

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Do you provide training for our staff?

Yes. We provide a number of training packages for all clinical and operational staff. Training is provided by one of our Consultant Pathologists and a member of the account management team. Subjects covered range from how to complete the request form and conforming to UN3373 through to more in-depth pathological and clinical discussions.

Training can be conducted either at your location or remotely and lasts for 30 minutes. A certificate of attendance will be issued that can be used towards CPD points.

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What are your turnaround times?

Turnaround times are tracked every month and form part of our company Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Our target is to report 90% of all histological and Non-Gynaei Cytology cases within 72hrs whilst 70% of Gynae Cytology cases are reported on within 96hrs. Urgent requests will be accepted and discussed with the requesting consultant.

We regularly achieve around  95% of reporting turnarounds.

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What areas of Pathology do you report on?

Each of the Consultant Cellular Pathologists is experienced in general histopathology but also sub specialises in particular aspects of pathology. For example, these include dermatopathology, uropathology, breast pathology, gynaecological pathology and gastrointestinal pathology.

To ensure accurate diagnosis, the laboratory offers a comprehensive range of special and immunohistochemical stains to aid in diagnosis. We do not report on renal biopsies, paediatric tumours or brain biopsies. There are no facilities for receiving or handling autopsies.

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Can you provide services to the NHS?

Yes. We provide backlog reporting services to the NHS on a fixed fee per case basis. This could include reporting of pre-prepared slides or the processing and reporting of wet tissue, undertaken in our own laboratory. Our service can be provided for either short, medium or long term cover.

You can find out more by visiting our NHS service page.

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