Immunofluoresence Services


Direct Immunofluorescence (Referral Test)

This is a procedure for detecting in-vivo deposition of immunoglobulins, complement components and fibrinogen in a patient’s skin.

Whenever possible, please send a biopsy from a single fresh small blister including adjacent clinically uninvolved skin (perilesional).

For a large blister, biopsy edge of blister and adjacent uninvolved skin (perilesional). Cut the perilesional end and send for immunofluorescence studies and the remaining blister for histology.

For uninvolved skin, a 3mm punch biopsy is sufficient.

Specimens for direct immunofluorescence studies must be sent in Michel’s transport medium, which is available on request from our Office Team.


Indirect Immunofluorescence (Referral Test)

10ml clotted blood should be sent to the laboratory within 48 hours or serum separated and sent within one month of collection.

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