Backlog & Research

Backlog Services

CPS continues to support several NHS Trusts in delivering high standard and quality histopathology services to its patients and clinical requesters. This could be in the form of slides reporting, block cutting or wet specimens reporting. CPS maintains one standard across its various services delivery platforms.


Research & Clinical Trials

We are able to assist you with your research and clinical trials and can help with all pathological aspects:

  • Fully customized Microtomy/Sectioning protocols as you require
  • Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedding services (FFPE)
  • Tissue dissection and processing
  • Immunohistochemistry slide staining with routine diagnostic antibodies
  • Novel research antibodies titrated and optimized for your study requirements
  • Tinctorial slide staining with routine special stains
  • Pathologist interpretation and analysis as per study requirements.

To discuss any aspects of our Backlog and Research service and to explore your options, please contact our medical director (01923 233299).

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