Cellular Pathology Services is continually progressing and moving forward….

Our website has been updated and modernized, which we hope you will find informative. Please take a minute to look through the website and don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have. Below is a short list of new additions.

  1. Patient Journey: We have always felt that it is very important for our patients to know what to expect when their doctor sends a histology or cytology sample to the lab. The patient journey section is chronological and explains the role and importance of cellular pathology in the patient’s care pathway.
  2. We have also produced e-leaflets © for the benefit of both patients and doctors in case they require detailed information. This should leave the information in the pages brief and crisp allowing quick navigation. Patients and doctors are welcome to print them for personal and patient use respectively, provided copyright is not infringed.

The laboratory services continue to develop with new automated technology in our ambitions and goals to provide high quality support and swift turnaround of reports at all times. It is always our aim to provide the most efficient services.