NHS Sector

CPS takes pride in supporting the NHS

We take time and care to understand the requirements for each project, working in synchrony with every manager from the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) and NHS Hospitals and Trusts. Not only we are dynamic and responsive but we also have expertise in delivering bespoke services to our clients, befitting their requirements and expectation of high standard service specifications.

We can assist with the considerable pressures that NHS Cellular Pathology Departments are under with increasing demand on their services against a background of increasingly scarce resources and staff shortages. The available reporting capacity provided by our own fulltime pathologists and our network of sessional pathologists will ease the pressure on your stretched services.

  • Slide reporting of backlog histopathology and diagnostic cytology cases by Consultant Cellular Pathologists
  • Handling and reporting of wet tissue samples including dissection, processing and sectioning
  • Data entry into your laboratory system or provision of results in your preferred format
  • Online Access to results
  • Participation in local MDT meetings if required

CPS management is well placed to offer support, service level agreements and assistance in budgeting for cellular pathology services, where appropriate.

To discuss your requirements with no obligation, contact our Nicky Simmons.
Phone:      01923 233 299
Email:        nicky.simmons@cellpathservices.co.uk